Benefits of drinking water

We all know from many sources that water is essential, that we have to drink water throughout the day. Water, water, water — this was the first thing that I heard when started exploring, researching a healthy lifestyle, and losing weight.

To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of drinking water, and my mind was blown when I read that first thing in the morning — it needs to be water, not coffee. However, I gave it a go, and after 1 year, honestly, I think it’s the best and easiest decision that I could make to help my body get healthy.

“Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues.”

Kevin R. Stone

So, what are the benefits of having a glass of water in the morning?

  1. You will have more energy, as water in the morning impacts our red blood cell counts, which will increase, and the oxygen we receive in the brain will develop. And as a result, we will have more power for a productive day.

It was more complicated than I thought it would be to have a routine of drinking and monitor water consumption. My body and taste buds refused to accept it. Sounds funny, but in the beginning, it wasn’t.

After some research, I found a couple of life hacks, which helped me to start my water routine:

  1. Drink from beautiful glass and straw helped me mentally, and drinking water became a beautiful everyday routine. I believe my brain drew different information and imagined that it is not water.

Hey everyone! In 2020 - 2021 I started to follow healthy lifestyle, lost over 20 kg, here I want to share my experience, ups and downs! Hope you will enjoy :)